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A life changing 40 day experience for teens.

RFM Advance 

Tell me Xavier, what is the RFM Advance?

The Reason for Me (RFM) Advance is a 40-day discipleship journey for teens who have a desire to…

  • Grow their relationship with Jesus
  • Understand more about God’s purpose for their life
  • Connect with other Christians 

So, is an ‘Advance’ like a retreat or camp of some kind?

Well, we often use the word ‘retreat’ to describe a time of getting away to focus on our relationship with God.

However, because this journey takes place right there in your everyday life there is no ‘retreating’. The word ‘advance’ has the idea of ‘moving forward’. It is my hope that this journey will ‘move you forward’ in your relationship with God.

What topics are covered in the journey?

We’ll be covering some of the key foundations for your spiritual formation as Christian such as

  • the bible, prayer, God the Creator, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the church.

We’ll also look at some of those issue most teens struggle with such as

  • peer pressure, identity, friendships and decision-making.

We’ll even explore some of the harder issues such as

  • suffering, purpose and understanding God’s will.

What happens during the 40 days of the RFM Advance?

The RFM Advance journey involves a commitment of:

  • Setting aside 5 minutes for 40 days to do the RFM devotions.
  • Joining the weekly 60-minute online discussion with other teens on the journey (Sundays at 16:30 CAT).

I’m in Xav! Where do I sign up?

To join a RFM advance you need to be invited by someone who has done the journey. 

So, send me a message with the name of the person who invited you. If you haven’t been invited yet but really want to do the course, send me a message and I’ll connect you with someone. Our next course starts in September 2021.

What happens once I’ve signed up?


  • Receive a RFM Advance ‘starter pack’ explaining all the details of the journey.
  • Receive an Ebook copy of ‘the Reason for Me’ devotional book.
  • Need to complete a permission form saying that your parents and local church are okay with you doing the course.
  • Need to find a sponsor to cover the R300.00 cost of the course.
  • Be given an anonymous prayer partner for the journey.

Join the journey

I’m interested. Tell me more Xav.

The teen years are particularly important for finding your own identity and path through life. My latter teens years were marked with some truly difficult decisions. These decisions spanned from what to do with my life (possible career choices), my relationships and my role as a young Christ follower. I was blessed to have the counsel of Xavier who understood real world struggles and could help me navigate them with sound biblical advice.

Jenna Mauck 

God has spoken powerfully to me through Xavier and used him to help me mature in my faith in a profound way. Xavier's leadership is Spirit-led, Bible-based and deeply rooted in prayer. You can expect to receive wise counsel from this humble man who knows his Maker and yearns for others to know Him too.

Kendrick Walsh

Xav has a wonderful approach to mentorship where he gently guides you towards a place where being honest with yourself and God is liberating rather than scary. Walking that journey with Xav was a great experience.

Lauren Burham-King